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Classification of bearings
Mar 28, 2017

By  type  of  rolling  elements  of  rolling bearings  can be  divided into  two  broad  categories:  (1)  ball  bearings  (ball bearings),  roller  ball,  (2)  roller  bearings  (roller  bearing),  the  rolling  body  is  cylindrical.Rolling bearings  as  it  can  withstand  the  load  direction  can be  divided into  the  following  categories:Radial spherical plain  bearings  can only  accommodate  radial  loads  (such as  radial  short  cylindrical  roller  bearing),  or  can  bear  radial  loads  at  the  same time,  little  bear  axial  loads  (such as  radial  ball  bearings).Radial spherical plain  thrust  bearings  can  accommodate  combined  radial  and  axial  loads,  and  likely  to  be  dominated  by  radial  or  axial  load.Radial spherical plain  bearings  can  accommodate  axial  thrust  loads,  but  also  able  towithstand  axial  loads  at  the  same time,  little  bear  the  radial  load.Thrust  bearings  can only  accommodate  axial  loads.

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