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Plate rolling-to break the other leading country technical monopoly national quality level
Mar 28, 2017

At the time, we are actually in the 1970 of the 20th century of the technical staff. After entering in the 1990 of the 20th century, has more than 15 years of technology at home and abroad. 4 large means that 3 m's industrial development is very fast, almost every 3 years, there is a very large technological advances. This painful lesson for four groups of Chongqing Chongqing an oncoming blow, understood the leadership of four groups: a true development to the enterprise, must have its own technology. Even if the technology is not used. The dynamic mechanism of technological innovation. Then, Chongqing four group is determined to tighten the r should have limited funds to invest in technology development. In the process of innovation, the failure of the number is far greater than the number of successful, they experienceda series of failures, by 2003, four group has finally broken through the digital dividetechnology in Chongqing. In this difficult process of innovation in Chongqing four group summarizes a set of technology innovation methods. Jane lamb can be summed up as "three support system", that is, the establishment and consolidation of technology development system, process, quality assurance systems and technology management support systems. With national technology development system as the main body, to body with national technology centres, in 96 conditions, the establishment of a centralized, dispersed phase combined with the new organizational model.In your organization, and appropriate to take "mobile station", according to the 4 elements and in the form of discipline, and direct experience, knowledge, age, company-wide organization of team unity, the implementation of centralized management, stringent dynamic tests, the effective allocation and use of the human resources.

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