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Plates bearing any good details on five aspects of innovation
Mar 28, 2017

Company bosses are too busy to take time to think, and I have time to think, and think some things are out of order, the boss can't do effective thinking. Thought of Tang Taizong ten kings, inspired. Enterprise of boss also has good of, dang you love of when, content and warning himself don't too greed; Dang I thought they of luxury Office decoration, think Office environment of employees not ideal; Dang I think today I of business is not easy of, that moment may will lost, you should modest good, strengthening itself cultivation; think complacency will led to enterprise damaged, this a measures sea na hundred chuan; intoxicated in joy, happy, thinking what of enterprise most need do of; worried loose slack, think work should carefully, From the beginning to the end of suffering occluded thinks subordinates open to views considered harmful, right thinking; implement the encouragement to think whether you are happy and reward of disorder; penalty, considered as temporary stimulus andexcessive fines.

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