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Crescent Lock
Dec 29, 2017

  Crescent lock (window lock) is widely used in sliding aluminum alloy sliding window. Sliding window to open and close the hardware is the crescent lock. Because of its shape like crescent, so the insiders call the crescent lock. Crescent lock not only play the role of opening and closing, to a certain extent, also play a security function. Crescent lock appearance generally paint, paint, spray, electroplating and so on. Among them, mostly white and aluminum. Crescent lock styles vary in variety. Crescent lock on the hands of a heavy amount of heavy feeling; appearance is relatively smooth, no pitting; crescent lock can generally rotate 180 degrees (and some can rotate 360 degrees) high-quality crescent lock rotation more flexible, comfortable, spin up no Sound, flexibility is better; turned to the back of the observation, a good crescent lock for the spring structure. Center material is galvanized material, not easy to rust; from the thickness of the material observed, relatively solid. The same size of inferior crescent lock with hand is relatively light, relatively small, the appearance of dull, open generally not particularly flexible, the use of a long time, easily stuck and loose to open. Turn off and anti-theft performance greatly reduced. Crescent lock styles have long handle, short handle, oblique handle and so on.

  Crescent lock a few important data. One is the height (the height is the distance from the base to the top of the crescent about 5 mm), and the other is the width of use (the distance between the center line of the screw and the crescent). Another is there is the distance between the centerline of the screw and the edge of the base.

  A good crescent lock to bring the safety of doors and windows at the same time is also a small window and door embellishment.

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