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Hardware Accessories
Jan 11, 2018

With the continuous development of architectural forms and functional requirements, the requirements for windows and doors curtain walls are getting higher and higher, and in order to meet the requirements of the building, the function of hardware systems technology in the design of windows and doors also needs to be rethought. This looks very simple, but it is not. This requires careful planning, guidance and investment of a lot of energy, financial resources can achieve this design purpose. Hardware system development and design should have a certain degree of adaptability and flexibility. In the design and development process should take full account of "architectural factors" and "human factors." To make it decorative, functional, safety, convenience and comfort should meet the architectural design requirements.

For the aluminum alloy doors and windows system development and design of the ultimate goal ---- a new form of doors and windows, only when the designer's mind to produce a complete and clear design concept, to produce a clear form of doors and windows. So in order to achieve this goal, designers must trace their problems back to the original functional elements and find some patterns in them. Only by understanding our goals and design guidelines can we develop the system. So doors and windows system development and hardware selection or development of doors and windows are closely linked, complement each other. More importantly, the wind and pressure deformation of doors and windows, water tightness, airtightness, thermal insulation, sound insulation, internal deformation, opening and closing, vertical load, repeated opening and closing and so on are related with the hardware system, hardware system The pros and cons of windows and doors play a decisive role, as the door and window industry experts Professor Li Zhi Yi advocated "non-supporting hardware accessories, but the heart of windows and doors."

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